Current Members

Dr. Magnus Hanson-Heine (Postdoc)
Katherine Wickham (PhD Student)
Adam Fouda (PhD Student)
Stephen Mason (PhD Student)
Aleksandra Foerster (Msc - Research)

Besley and Bichoutskaia groups in Wollaton Park, Nottingham

Past Members

Postgraduate Students:

Frans Asmuruf

Thesis title: Quantum Chemical Calculations of the Spectroscopy of Core Electrons
Defended thesis: 20/09/2010
Subsequent destination: Lecturer, Cenderawasih University, Indonesia

Magnus Hanson-Heine

Thesis title: Advancing Calculations of Infrared Spectroscopy using Quantum Mechanics
Defended thesis 1/05/2014
Subsequent destination: EPSRC Postdoctoral Prize holder, University of Nottingham

Olga Ershova

Thesis title: Theoretical Spectroscopy of Nitric Oxide - Rare Gas Clusters
Defended thesis 2/05/2014
Subsequent destination: BPU, University of Nottingham

Jack Wadey

Thesis title: Quantum Chemical Calculations on Radical Cation Clusters and X-ray Emission Spectroscopy
Completed thesis 08/2014
Subsequent destination PhD with Dr Elena Bichoutskaia at the University of Nottingham

Edward Briggs

Thesis title: Theoretical Calculations of Excited States and Fluorescence Spectroscopy using Density Functional Theory
Defended thesis: 02/08/2016
Subsequent destination: Science teacher training

Christian Suess

Thesis title: Quantum Chemical Calculations of the Excited States of Porphyrins
Defended thesis: 13/11/2017
Subsequent destination: PDRA with Prof. Charlie Laughton (University of Nottingham)

Pritesh Tailor

Thesis title: Modelling the Vibrational Spectroscopy of Carbon Nanomaterials
Defended thesis: 20/09/2018
Subsequent destination: Scientist at the Hartree Centre, Science and Technology Facilities Council

Sainish Sharma

Thesis title: Reactivity of the O2+.(H2O)n and NO+.(H2O)n Cluster Ions in the D-region of Ionosphere
Completed thesis 11/2018 (MSc(Research) with Merit)
Subsequent destination: Analyst DHL Air

Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr. David Rogers

Subsequent destination: postdoc with Jan Jensen, Copenhagen

Dr. David Robinson

Subsequent destination: Leverhulme Research Fellow

Dr. Hainam Do

Subsequent destination: postdoc with Prof Alessandro Troisi, University of Warwick

Dr. Olga Ershova

Subsequent destination: Postdoc with Dr Grant Hill, University of Sheffield